In October, 2018, Our Savior’s welcomed a ten member immigrant family to the United States, and agreed to walk with them as they adjusted to life in the United States.

As of May, 2019: Eight months after their arrival in Everett. Much has been accomplished. The Refugee Welcome Committee has raised over $12,400, with over a third of the contributions donated by non-congregation members who support immigrant rights. Dad and 21 year old son, 19 year old daughter, and 18 year old daughter all have jobs, in addition to studying English as a second language at a nearby Community College. Two months ago they ceased receiving public assistance funds because of their income earnings.

Daughters (16), and (15) attend a local High School, and are doing quite well. Younger siblings (10), and (9) are busy studying at a local Elementary.

In addition to running the household, Mom is taking ESL classes at a nearby Community College, and rides the bus to school during the week with son age 5, who attends a local daycare.

With the Refugee Committee’s help, they have successfully navigated Federal and State immigration rules, and brought their medical and dental care up to date. Dad and oldest son have Washington State driver’s licenses, and one daughter has her learner’s permit. They have accomplished much over the last few months!

It has been a joy and blessing for those of use who have worked with the family. Our community is fortunate to welcome new residents like this family with their energy, drive, and desire for a better life.

If you are interested in supporting this mission,  please contact either Rick Rouse or Dan Clements