Friday 9:00am – 12:00pm
(Must by 4 years old by December 31)
Teaching children about God’s creation becomes real in concrete ways when children learn in the outdoors. It becomes tangible, exploring firsthand! Watch and listen how children observe nature close up; watching small ants crawling under rocks, seeing insect ‘eggs’ rolled up in leaves, noticing the various colors of leaves and how God made everything for a reason. Watch children use their critical thinking skills and work together when trying to make a shelter out of a few pieces of wood or stems. It’s amazing to see learning happen naturally with problem solving and basic skills that children need to learn to become smart and healthy adults with common sense. Some children that may have ‘behavior’ problems in the classroom may not have those same ‘problems’ outside. Providing an abundance of fresh air, lots of space and stimulation allows children many opportunities to use their critical thinking skills, ask questions, think, analyze and wonder in an active way, the way a young child’s brain is wired, ready to learn, move and ready to excel!
I’m so glad that OSLCP is blessed with an amazing outdoor team! The team really knows how to increase a child’s appreciation for the world, other people’s property and become good stewards of the earth. This class fills up fast!

Claire Wardens, outdoor ‘guru’ educator and author of ‘Children and Nature’ shares her thoughts on the benefits of learning in the outdoors. Children’s motor skills are greatly enhanced by having more space to run, climb, play games, more freedom to roam to discover things (within boundaries) and using a variety of different muscles compared to playing on a play structure or in some organized sports which concentrate on some major muscles. Journaling, reading stories, snack time, playing games, etc. can be done in the outdoors – and will only enhance the activity. Today, many children live in apartments, condos or a big house with no yard etc. Many parents do not take the time to make sure their children can get outside to play on a daily basis. Organized sports are healthy to a certain degree but going outside to explore our natural surroundings in all types of weather is so stimulating for creative and critical thinking young minds and fresh air is so healthy for all ages! For more information about outdoor learning, check out Claire Warden’s website.

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