Being a Youth at Our Savior’s means you are part of a greater community which pulls in from multiple High Schools and local Middle Schools….It means you ARE NOT ALONE!

Being a teen can be tough, it also can be some of the best years for friendships!

At Our Savior’s we have the policy that friends are always welcome to all events and programs. So bring a friend! We practice a place of acceptance no matter gender, race, sexual orientation or abilities/disabilities.

Youth Group consists of those youth 6th-12th grade.

Our High school program is for those 9th-12th grade, and Middle school 6th-8th grade. Check out the pages for each to see what’s happening:  High School Youth Ministry and Middle School Youth Ministry.

We also have Confirmation – so check us out!

All youth need to have a CYFM Medical Release and Code of Conduct Form on file for outings and events.

Parents are always encouraged to volunteer as you are able after completing Safe Haven.