The faith life of a family and their children have important stages.

Here are Our Savior’s we are here to celebrate those Stepping Stones!

We encourage parents to following along with the SPARK Sunday School curriculum and to have evening TalkTime at home to reflect on the week’s passages. A Parent Take home flyer for the week’s lessons (by grade) are available on the SPARK Sunday School website. Please log into your SPARK account to download it or request it from your child’s teacher. If you are not on SPARK, please sign up here.

Daily and weekly conversations with your students about what is going on in their lives and God’s activity in their larger world, are important areas of growth and reflection for young ones. Application of God’s grace in all we do, is an amazing way for parents to continue their baptismal promises of teaching the faith.

Areas of Celebration:

Baptism: The waters of the Holy Spirit invite all. Those birth to 100+ are called to the waters of baptism as an affirmation of their faith in the community of Christ. Baptismal sponsors, parents, those being baptized will go through a class to understand the promises of baptism. Baptism is a community deal, and we celebrate with you as a community of faith in worship services designed for those baptisms.

First Communion: For families and their 1st-2nd grade students who are ready to understand the gift of the Eucharist Sacrament. This class is attended by parents and students and there is a formal presentation of these students at a special Sunday Worship service.

First Bible: traditionally for those students in 3-4th grade. This class is attended by parents and students and there is a formal presentation of the Bible at a special Sunday Worship service.

Affirmation of Baptism: (Confirmation) Students 6th-8th grade and their parents participate in a two year program to dig deeper into Scripture and Sacraments of the Christian faith in the Lutheran tradition. At the end of the two years, students are confirmed. This is where students affirm their own baptism, with much ordeal in a special worship service.

Celebration of Graduates: Students completing their secondary education (12th grade) are presented to be prayed and blessed in their next stage of life. We celebrate theirs and their family’s accomplishments and hard work.

Blessing the Students: At the beginning of each school year, we bless all the students of all ages!

Blessing New Drivers: Have a student who has just received their driver’s license? Let’s lay hands on that car and that driver! Please let us know if you have a student who wishes to be blessed.